Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Since our personal connection with Wear Blue: Run to Remember  (you can read that by clicking HERE)  our family has participated in many runs to honor the fallen.  This year, the following names were honored by our family on Memorial Day with purposeful steps.

(*links are included by clicking on their names for more information)

Captain Brandon Lee Cyr USAF
Staff Sgt Daniel Fannin USAF
Captain Reid Nishizuka USAF
Staff Sgt Richard Dickson USAF

Navy Culinary Specialist 2nd class Milton W. Brown
CDR Joel Del Mundo Tiu
USA Warrant Officer Joseph Schiro 
Staff Sgt Justin Marquez

"The debt we owe our fallen heroes is one we can never truly repay.  But our responsibility to remember is something we can live up to every day of the year.     

Less than one percent of our nation wears the uniform, and so few Americans sees this patriotism with their own eyes or knows someone who exemplifies it.  But every day, there are American families who pray for the sound of a familiar voice when the phone rings.  For the sound of a loved one’s letter or email arriving.  More than one million times in our history, it didn’t come.  And instead, a car pulled up to the house.  And there was a knock on the front door. 

My fellow Americans, today and every day, listen to the stories these Gold Star families and veterans have to tell.  Ask about who he or she was, why they volunteered. Hear from those who loved them about what their smile looked like, and their laugh sounded like, and the dreams they had for their lives."    (excerpts) President Obama 2016

Friends running for the crew of the Indy 08
KIA 4-27-13

The cost of freedom is always high,
but Americans have always paid it.  JFK 1962

*Wear Blue photos (with the boot watermark) credited to:  Joe Newman 


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