Friday, November 1, 2013

October highlights

 The month of October rushed in some cooler temps and some great company.

We saw MANY friends from Guam, and had all our parents come and visit.
One of my cross-fit mamas from Guam, Jennifer

Cool weather running clothes - getting back on the wagon
I ran 80 miles for Charity in the month of October 

I gave in to Zion's persistence that the squirrels need help finding food for the winter
It took them a while to figure it out, (about 2 weeks)  but then, they were regulars at the feeder.
In fact, by the end of October, I swear they looked fat!   

Mid-October my mom and step-dad came.
They watched the boys so we could head to South Carolina for friends wedding.
We had a great weekend and it was so much fun to see so many additional friends that came for the wedding!

My step-dad also did a lot of the "honey-do" list that was waiting for Mike.
(He was on crutches from an Ultimate Frisbee injury)   

On the way home from South Carolina, we stopped in North Carolina to see my cousin's new baby.
Mike is so smug because he got her to sleep and then I couldn't steal her from him.  TURKEY! 

We also volunteered for the Marine Corp Marathon and got to see yet another Guam friend running the race.  DARN it was cold!   But most of the runners seemed better adapted than I to the temps!

It's really not fair that this was the 15 mile point and she looks so amazing....but I still love her!  

My dad and step-mom came toward the end of October, and my dad did some "honey-do" items too!  

Had a cool illusionist show at church!  


Happy October!!!