Thursday, August 29, 2013


or not....

As I sat in a grumpy lump on the bed this morning, at 6:30am, like a pouty two year old while Mike got ready for work,  he mentioned how "cute" I am before coffee.

I wondered about the almost 2 solid years in Guam of getting up around 5am,
running - being home and showered by this time.

What happened?

Did crossing the international date line send me through a time warp that turned me into a morning person?

I'm back on "this" side of the world again, and I have not been up running ONCE at 5am,
this I can promise you.

I want to run -

but then I don't.

I feel overwhelmingly nagged by boxes and unpacking and organizing that needs to be done.

And then, there is those three little boys that need me.

Okay, well....they aren't so little anymore,

and they can make their own breakfast....

but, there have been WAY too many "tissues required" posts about kids going to kindergarten
and COLLEGE and what happened to my babies lately.

(*If you missed them,
and you are up for a good cry....
check this one  -
or this one -
and then this one - GEEZ oh Pete! - you're killing me smalls!)

So - next week - when they start school - then maybe I'll run.

Cause these little boys are gone.

(*not recommended at the peak of your 28 day cycle ladies)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One week until school starts

The boys have had a nice long summer.

Out in mid-May and not back until Labor Day.

Not that they appreciate it.... I mean, still - they are regular kids and summer means lazy.

bullet point highlights:

Michael is 3 weeks post-op from his spinal fusion surgery

and we have been in our new house 2 weeks -

We have never been the Navy family that has pictures on the wall 2 days after a move,
and well, we may not in 2 months either.

But our house is functional.

Kitchen is unpacked and no one is wearing dirty underwear.

Although,  we did discover from the get-go that home ownership is not all it's cracked up to be.

The dryer blew up on DAY ONE!

Yes, I said DAY ONE.

It took a week for the repair guy to come out and then another 3 days to get the part to fix it.

I did one INSANE load of laundry at the laundromat to the tune of $9.50.

And then,  a quarter for every 3 minutes of drying time.

When's the last time you had to go to the laundry mat?

Did it cost that much?

It "almost" made me think about opening one.

There were lots of people in there.....  and I really wanted to take a picture,
cause, right in the front, was a little squared off corner with an advertisement for waxing.

WHO THE HECK gets their ......whatever, waxed while they're doing a $9.50 load of laundry??

ANYWAY..... moving forward.

Here are a few pictures of the craziness - with more coming soon (*or later)
depending on how much progress we make with boxes and unpacking and ....
well, staying off the computer!

Finding my coffee pot was a beautiful thing.....

boxes full of packing paper.... this is a normal "look" for a while 

We are a book family.
We have lots of them......
and trying to get the boys to put them away created a READ-A-THON
of favorite books that they forgot we had.

We have built in book cases in both the Living Room
and the Family Room

little jar of seaglass - makes me smile

Unpacking boxes that someone else packed is always an adventure....

Love this one!

Bathroom Stuff.....


Never ONCE has Mike showered in combat
boots -

and I have never paid bills while sitting on the

I just wanted to clear that up.....

I hope everyone is enjoying their last week of summer break - or the first few days of school 
if you already started. 

We are always open to company, so come see us!

We have but one rule -

If you are coming to see us,
come anytime!
If you are coming to see the house,

Friday, August 16, 2013

coming soon.....

......updates on the Thorntons in NoVa   (Northern Virginia)

For now the news is:

We bought a house!