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Running in BLUE - my connection

My love of running began on Guam.
(*If you would like some "backstory" click HERE for my last running post on Guam)

I hit the ground running when we arrived back in the states, getting some runs in at my in-laws in Michigan and also on family vacation in Tennessee.  But I hit some low spots during the winter months of Virginia.  Although a friend from Guam and I were training for the DC Rock n Roll half marathon, we were clueless with how to dress for cold and snow.  We skipped a lot of runs and opted for warm fires and hot chocolate.  Then spring rolled around and we were busy getting ready for the girls arrival and my trip to Guam.  At some point over the summer, my friend Debbie Cyr sent me a Facebook invite to a running group called, "WEAR BLUE, RUN TO REMEMBER".  I was honored that she thought of me and proud to join.  I ordered my first WEAR BLUE shirt.  I begin to run with a different purpose and mindset.  

The mission of wear blue: run to remember is to build running communities that honor the service and sacrifice of the American military.

As a military spouse, you always prepare yourself in whatever secret way you think you can for your husband to not come back.  Every time they leave, every time a letter (now email) seems untimely late;  the doubts in your mind creep up.  And then you also consider your friends husbands next.  But I never, ever thought about a friend losing her son.  

On Sunday morning, April 27th 2013 - our phone rang.  
Phil and Debbie Cyr had lost their son. 
If the first stage of grief is denial, then I am textbook - 
because I said, "WHAT?"

I have felt horrible at least 1000 times for forcing the words to be repeated.
"Brandon was killed"

Today is the 2 year mark of Brandon's death and I run with purposeful steps and a mother's heart for her boy to remember and honor him.  If you would like to learn more about Wear Blue or Brandon, please contact me or check out the links.

Here is Brandon's Memorial Page on FaceBook  click HERE.
And the Wear Blue page is HERE

ARMY 10 MILER - October 2014

 Veteran's Day 11K 2014 - BURKE LAKE

Harbor Lights Half Marathon - Virginia Beach - November 2014

 This was my seventh half marathon and my best time.  
I had been striving to come in under 2 hours since my first half on Guam.  

And now I have the kids involved!   

 Chantilly High School Track

Rock and Roll Marathon DC - cold and rainy but wonderful experience!!

Before each run, they have a "Circle Of Remembrance".  They read the names of the fallen and have prayer.   I started saving the names of the people that ran for that day.  Their willingness to lay down their life for my freedom was something I still can't completely find the words for.   

Come join us for a run - 
volunteer to hold a flag - 
you won't regret it.  

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